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Out Now

2011-11-09 10:23:44 by DustDevil

The Land Of The Forgotten is now out on spotify! check it out here!

Please rate it :)

New song released!

2011-02-04 08:16:00 by DustDevil

I just released a new song called Blazing Moonshine so check it out! :D It was a really long time since I used Fl studio but I decided to start again :)

New Song Submitted

2010-01-16 11:35:55 by DustDevil

Just Finished my new song Acid BeatDown!

Check it out here!

Please rate and comment I appriciate every comment!

Enjoy :D


2009-12-09 11:44:02 by DustDevil

After my song "Land of the Forgotten" got on top 5, I got 1# on top 30! I gotta thank u all for this!

Ultra Announcment

2009-12-02 14:20:08 by DustDevil

I just finished my song "Land of the Forgotten" check it out! It also made it to my first top 5! Thanx everyone who rated and commented it!

Cleaning time

2009-11-13 15:46:39 by DustDevil

I've cleaned up my songs because there was very much old junk that I dont care about anymore, well well


2009-09-21 13:42:59 by DustDevil

Awesome! I just got Fl studio 9 with Toxic Biohazard, PoiZone and Sawer :D, Awesome!

Something Awesome

2009-09-18 02:07:47 by DustDevil

Since "Lethal Darkness" got so popular, I decided make a remake of it again, replace some sounds, add some other sounds, improve the drums and I might as well extend it a little :P Please give me comments about any improvements


2009-07-30 16:34:41 by DustDevil

I have finally worked out wich one of my songs that are my best work!

This is the kist of em, feel free to check them out! :D

1# Lethal Darkness

2# Fighting on The Moon

3# Holocausth

4# If you could live on the Sun

Thats all folks :D


2009-07-07 10:53:10 by DustDevil

Nothing to say at all